For a romantic decor in the bedroom… Get inspired!

For a romantic decor in the bedroom… Get inspired!

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The bedroom is both a place of refuge and privacy, whether one is alone or as a couple. It must be a true haven of peace and a cocoon for lovers. We choose the romantic style for a poetic, feminine atmosphere without falling into gnan-gnan.

For a couple: neo-romanticism

The new rose is the mole! For a couple's bedroom which should therefore not be too feminine, we prefer neutral colors and combinations of white, beige, cream and taupe. We leave a breath of lightness with flexible fabrics such as satin or linen but especially curtains for the windows and around a four-poster bed. We play on a spring charm that gives an idea of ​​freshness with a bouquet of flowers in soft colors. Romanticism can also take on the look of the 19th century, the era of poets: quotes on the walls, message bed linen, etc.

A cozy atmosphere

When night falls, we multiply the small sources of light to give dim lighting. Use bedside lamps and candles rather than the main room light.

For a romantic girl

We can afford a more feminine style for young girls. For furniture, the canopy bed will have its effect, especially if it is made of white wrought iron. But the quintessence of a romantic bedroom is the dressing table, essential for any self-respecting beauty! On the fabric side, it is Liberty and its small colorful flowers that we associate with pastel pink, blue or green colors. We decorate all the accessories which evoke lightness: a canopy, feathers on a cushion or a garland, and the must a bouquet of flowers… Discover our selection for a romantic decoration: