Our favorites for your picnic party

Our favorites for your picnic party

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It's the picnic season outdoors! Basket, colorful dishes and cushions accompany us to the park or to the beach for an enchanted break.

Baskets, lunch bags and coolers, these all-terrain containers

Who said picnicking was complicated? Today many articles are there to make our lives easier. Alinéa has understood this and offers a whole range of baskets (PICNIC), lunch bags (ANA) and insulated bags (ROSA) for less than € 15. Washable and light, they keep food and drinks cool for several hours. For style lovers british , the woven wicker basket equipped for two people (TOSCANA) is also the best effect. Also essential, the insulated bottle holder bag (BOTELLA) and the lunch box solo or airtight duo (ELLIPSE) to prepare portions of salads and enjoy them on the go. To be reused in all sauces and why not for a lunch break at work if you are a fan of the small dish home made .

Mattresses, cushions and dishes: think of smart accessories!

For more comfort, think of soft cotton mattresses and beach mats to roll out on the floor and the cushions ideal for a nap, not forgetting a parasol (GASSIN) if the sun "beats" a little too strong. So ready for lunch like the Romans did (indeed, in Antiquity, we had a long lunch!), We make our lives easier with nicely colored plastic dishes (glasses, plates) and fancy paper towels. Even bamboo or plastic salad bowls and bowls play the game (from € 3). It's much more cheerful! Also think of condiments in mini version (assortment of basil, garlic and chilli flavored olive oils; mini salt and pepper mill kit) and other easy snacks (grissini, crostini, etc.) made in Italy . Finally, as a good eco-citizen, do not forget to take a trash bag so as not to leave anything in nature. This is also the spirit of the picnic! And for barbecue fanatics with friends, without further ado find all our advice for outdoor dining in your garden, on your terrace or your balcony!

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