Philips Airfryer

Philips Airfryer

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You all or almost all know the famous Seb Actifry fryer which allows you to prepare fries with only a spoonful of oil, Philips has decided to strike even harder since it announces the launch of a fryer that works without oil! The brand has in fact developed a new technology called Rapid Air Technology, a circulation of hot air associated with a grid.

He fried, he understood everything!

This is the trick, and if I understood correctly, no oil is needed because the frozen fries that we find on the market are already provided with fat. The Airfryer therefore uses the oil already present on the fries. For homemade fries, you will need to add half a spoonful of oil to your preparation. That's what it seemed to me, the air never fried! "Hmm ... you are preparing fries!" Obviously less oil also means less odors but there is also an integrated air filter retaining odors and smoke. "Mom I'm hungry !" Philips promises that the Airfryer can prepare fries in just 9 minutes. Preheating for 3 minutes is recommended but not compulsory, just add 3 minutes to the preparation time if you do not want to preheat. Since the appliance has a timer, it warns of the end of the cooking time and stops automatically. This afternoon, we eat nuggets and fries The Airfryer is equipped with a food separator, so you can cook several foods at the same time in order to prepare a complete meal. That said, fries and nuggets, even without adding oil, remain an unbalanced meal. The most expensive fries in the world The love of French fries has no limits and it is not a girl from the North who will tell you the opposite but with this new generation of fryers, it is true that you have to pay a certain amount to afford the luxury of oil-free frying. While Seb's Actifry is available from € 140, you will need to pay around € 200 to acquire the Philips Airfryer. Finally if it is a question of replacing your old cracra fryer and your consumption of fried foods remains reasonable, the Airfryer may be for you but if you expect this product to allow you to eat fries at breakfast without take a gram, I say: "Stop there, sweet horse, we are not in Candy's country here, we are always in the country of five fruits and vegetables a day".

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