Which parquet to choose?

Which parquet to choose?

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A noble coating par excellence, parquet is a very popular floor for French people. Timeless and therefore always trendy, it brings a real cachet to our interiors. Yes but here it is: between solid or laminated parquet, between a veneer or laminate coating, a floating or not, the choice is not always easy! We therefore asked Perrine Prével, from the French parquet manufacturer Europlac, to answer our questions to make the right choice between the types of parquet and the types of laying. Interview by Lise Lebrun

Which parquet is the most in demand on the market today and why?

There are 2 types of strip parquet: solid parquet and laminated parquet. Solid parquet consists of a single element of wood. Historically nailed, it arises more and more in glued poses. This also results in good acoustic insulation. It is the laminated parquet, created in 1983, which is today the most requested in France (at 70%) and in Europe. It consists of 2 or 3 layers, including an upper layer of the desired essence. The latter is called wear layer . The engineered parquet adapts to most situations thanks to the interior facing called support. An HDF or plywood support provides better dimensional stability in the face of hygrometric and thermal variations than a solid parquet. In addition, the laminated parquet offers a wide variety of choices because only the upper layer is made of noble wood, which makes it possible to offer less common woods, at attractive prices and by optimizing the consumption of this species of wood.

Are there more economical parquet floors?

According to standard, parquet must have a 2.5mm top layer of real wood . Besides that, there are developed wood or imitation wood flooring . They all have parquet, but have a top layer of only 2mm, so their price is more attractive. wood veneer flooring with a top layer of veneer, as resistant as parquet or even more resistant to punching, but you should know that it is a non-"renewable" coating. and there the taken are half the price of solid parquet. Finally there is the laminate flooring with the impression of a wooden decoration on a support, it is a wood imitation, also not "renovable".

What are the different types of installation?

Parquets that can be laid floating are called floating floors. So you will find laminated floating floors, floating wood veneer flooring and laminates with floating wood decor. The massif does not arise by floating. Hardwood floors are called glued floors. Any wood covering can be glued as required. Floating installation favors cost and ease of installation while meeting acoustic standards, glued installation is preferred for optimal acoustic insulation. More information on or by phone on 05 46 04 66 88