10 things you can do with wood ash

10 things you can do with wood ash

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Are you lucky enough to have a fireplace? After enjoying the heat of the flames, the fire gives way to ashes. Like many, you don't pay attention. However, wood ash, in addition to being a natural element (provided that it comes from dry and untreated wood), contains significant properties for the maintenance of both the interior and the garden. Discover the top 10 things you can do with wood ash.

1. Clean the windows

It is surely the best known trick when it comes to recovering wood ash. Indeed, ash has the advantage of being degreasing and allows streak-free window cleaning! Use a damp cloth or newspaper and dip it in cold ash. You just have to rub and rinse for impeccable windows!

2. Shine silverware and brass

In the same way as for window panes, wood ash is a great ally for cleaning silverware and decorative copper objects. The advantage? Wood ash, in addition to being a good natural cleaner, restores shine to silver and copper. In practice, you can create a small paste using wood ash and water to apply to the objects in question.

3. Degrease the dishes

For the same reasons as those mentioned above, the wood ash can be recovered to clean dishes encrusted with grease. But beware, although it is degreasing, wood ash is not antibacterial! It should simply help you recover the most difficult dishes to clean!

4. Neutralize bad odors

Whether it is due to certain foods in the refrigerator or the presence of a pet, bad smells are never pleasant when they are invited indoors. Like coffee grounds, wood ash helps absorb bad odors in the house. Place a small bowl in the fridge, the litter box and voila!

5. Make a natural detergent

Long used for the creation of soap, wood ash contains potash, a most effective washing agent. Use one volume of ash for two volumes of boiling water. Leave to act for 24 hours and filter the result using a coffee filter. Add a few drops of essential oils to flavor it and you are with a new homemade and natural detergent!

6. Grow the plants

As all gardening enthusiasts know, wood ash is an excellent fertilizer! Rich in mineral salts, it provides many nutritional benefits necessary for the development of a lawn, plants, flowers or even a vegetable garden! Spread a little wood ash regularly at the base of your plants to make them grow more!

7. Enrich the compost

As you can see, wood ash is an excellent fertilizer. But it can also be beneficial in speeding up the composting process. Sprinkle delicately and sparingly wood ashes in your outdoor compost and you will tell us about the new ones…

8. Protect the vegetable patch

Clearly, wood ash is very useful for the garden. So rather than throwing it away, you might as well take advantage of it. In the vegetable patch, fresh ash acts as an anti-slug and snail repellant. By sprinkling it around your plantations, you will scare away the gastropods and thus protect your vegetable garden in a natural way! FYI, this tip is only effective in dry weather. No need to try when it rains!

9. Whiten teeth

It may sound strange but believe us, this natural product can work miracles. Just like baking soda, wood ash can be used for cosmetic purposes. Applied on a toothbrush, the ash can whiten yellowed teeth.

10. Melt the ice on the ground

In winter, snow quickly turns to ice, making outdoor alleys, real skating rinks! Never mind, wood ash can be used to easily melt ice. The good news ? It damages the earth and the concrete much less compared to the snow removal salt.