"In & out" furniture, when interior and exterior merge…

"In & out" furniture, when interior and exterior merge…

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What is the "In & Out" trend?

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While indoor furniture is different from that found outside, the "In & Out" trend is upsetting the codes and creating a surprise. The principle is simple: we use outdoor furniture to give holiday air to our interior. Conversely, interior furniture invites itself into the garden or onto a terrace to extend the living room. Thus, the borders are erased for a result imbued with originality. If this decorative trend is very successful, it is because it is accessible to all. For those who do not have large spaces, it is also a way to save space and save money. In summer, the furniture moves outside to take advantage of the beautiful days, while in winter, they hibernate and create an interior of character. Of course, nothing prevents you from applying this trend all year round so as not to have to move your furniture. And for those who do not have an exterior, this is the opportunity to imagine one from the living room!

Outdoor furniture flirts with the interior

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Outdoor furniture has nothing to envy to indoor furniture. And for good reason, there are outdoor models with lines and curves as desirable as those intended for indoor. Result? We invite them indoors. In practice, this concerns several types of furniture. Among them are the deckchairs and Chileans which invite you to escape to the living room. Just like the rattan furniture (seats, table and garden furniture) which gives an exotic look that we love so much indoors. Metal furniture is ideal for creating a country or industrial atmosphere. As for hammocks, hanging armchairs and swings, they no longer hang on trees but hang from beams or from the ceiling to create a relaxation corner worthy of the name. The good news ? Most outdoor furniture is designed to be easily stored. Thus, chairs and small tables fold and stack to be stored. If you use them indoors, this once again saves you space!

Interior furniture invites itself into the garden

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As for indoor furniture, they push the walls and give style to the outdoors! The sofas and cozy armchairs give the impression of an extra room when installed on a terrace, balcony or in a garden. Since the boundaries between interior and exterior are blurring, the garden furniture can consist of a sofa with chaise longue, a corner sofa or any other most comfortable indoor furniture. Even the beds make a place of choice outside! We do not forget the cushions and rugs that we gladly accumulate to strengthen the friendly spirit of the garden. And to top it all off, we can easily imagine a brazier to replace the fireplace and warm up after dark ... So what do you say about this decorative trend?


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