The Coca-Cola tealight holder to support the Petits Princes association

The Coca-Cola tealight holder to support the Petits Princes association

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A candle holder to fulfill the dreams of sick children is Coca Cola's commitment alongside the Petits Princes association for the second consecutive year. A good action to do for the holiday season: by buying a 6x1.5 l pack of Coca Cola classic, you will help realize the dream of a sick child and win a glass candle jar, as a symbol of your contribution. In the colors of the famous drink, the tealight holder is made of red glass with the silhouette of the bottle in white sanded glass. A way to celebrate Christmas while being united! And from November 15 to December 31, 2009, you are invited to light one of the 270,000 candle jars in food and out-of-home partners of the operation. About the Association Petits Princes : In 22 years of action, the association Petits Princes has already followed more than 1200 children and finalized 3500 dreams. In collaboration with more than 100 pediatric departments and numerous patrons and private donors, she now realizes a dream every two days.


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