A bottle of scoubidou oil

A bottle of scoubidou oil

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1 bottle of beer in translucent glass 22 scoubidou threads of assorted colors 14/10 nickel silver wire 1 cutting pliers Scissors Fine cotton thread 1 needle 1 metal and cork spout


7 '- Fixing

Start wrapping the bottle from the neck. Place the end of a scoubidou wire vertically on the bottle and block it as shown in sketch n ° 1. Tighten the wire well on the neck and make sure that there is no gap between each line.

3 '- Assembly

Connect the already laid wire to a new strand, forcibly sliding a 5 mm piece of nickel silver into each of the ends and making sure that the two strands are edge to edge as shown in sketch n ° 2.

40 '- Creation of stripes

Continue to surround the bottle with the wires, connecting them as you go along with the small piece of nickel silver. Cut the wires, if necessary, but align the fittings as best as possible so that they all end up on the back of the bottle. Create regular or irregular stripes by joining together several strands of the same color to increase the width of the stripe or by cutting a strand to decrease it.

10 '- Finishes

Finish the envelope of the bottle by pricking, through the end of the last strand of scoubidou, using a needle and a thread. Connect it to the top rows as shown in the sketch. Make five more “seams” on the base so that the last thread does not slip out of the bottle.


You can wrap your bottle with hemp string or raffia strands and create bottles in a more natural decorative style.


Always work by pulling hard enough on the wire so that it is stretched as much as possible on the bottle. Take care, as you go along, that the stripes remain horizontal.

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