Synthetic grass for my patio

Synthetic grass for my patio

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Much more aesthetic than before, artificial grass is gaining more and more followers among the happy owners of balconies and terraces. Rudy Cassenac, manager of Exelgreen, explains the characteristics of this synthetic product to us.

What are the major developments in artificial turf?

Now, it is often made of tufted polyethylene monofilaments, fixed on a geotextile support covered with latex. Before, it was polypropylene yarn, divided into small filaments. Today's products are becoming more and more like natural grass and are much more UV and wear resistant. Manufacturers like Exelgreen also offer different colors - black, mauve, white -, which makes it possible to make a decorative effect for a designer terrace, for example. We are also going to launch grass with printing. Customers can print a word, a drawing or whatever they want.

What are the uses of synthetic turf?

It is generally used on a balcony, a terrace or around a swimming pool, in place of a hard floor. But it can also be used instead of natural grass, in places that are difficult to access or that are too sunny, for example.

How do we maintain it?

On your terrace or balcony, you should vacuum occasionally to remove the dust. It can also be cleaned once or twice a year using a broom and soapy water before rinsing with clear water, to remove bird droppings, in particular. On a larger surface, you can remove the leaves with a blower, for example, and you have to spray once in a while.

Is it easy to install?

Yes because it is not very technical but you have to be careful. There are several types of installation. On a concrete slab, if you want to be able to easily remove the lawn, you must fix it at the ends using a double-sided cloth adhesive. For a final installation, it is fixed either with a polyurethane resin or by pegging it. In a garden, we do it differently. First you have to prepare the soil as for a natural lawn: we weed, we peeled and we packed the soil. Then the ideal is to spread a geotextile membrane to prevent weeds from growing through the drainage holes of the artificial turf. Then unroll the lawn, making sure to flatten all the rollers in the same direction. The grass is fixed at the ends and then the joints are made between the strips with joining strips.

Where, in what form and how much does it cost?

They are found in all garden centers and DIY stores, but also on the Internet. It is offered in rolls of 1, 2 or 4 meters wide. It is sometimes found in tiles but it is quite rare. Prices range from around 30 to 55 euros per m² depending on the density of the product. Pay attention to the quality: Chinese imported products can be much cheaper, but they can be damaged quickly. And it is better to favor products that comply with the REACH regulation, which certifies that the manufacturer has not used the listed chemicals which may be harmful in the long term. To compare the prices of synthetic grass per m2. To know more :