Three plants to have for a clean air

Three plants to have for a clean air

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Do you want to breathe fresh air, free from the usual pollutants? The American researcher Kamal Meattle, specialist in plant biology, has been successfully experimenting for 15 years with a combination of indoor plants with astonishing results on health and well-being. Installed in the Paharpur Business Center in India, these plants have allowed the building to be awarded the title of the healthiest building in the Indian capital, however reputed to be polluted.

Areca palm

From its Latin name Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, this plant has an effective depolluting action during the day. For optimal action in your interior, count one medium-sized foot per person.

Sansevieria trifasciata

This tropical plant native to Africa, also nicknamed, "bedroom plant" has a depolluting action at night. It converts the carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen. Ideally count six feet of this plant per person.

Epipremnum aureus

This plant is actually a liana native to New Guinea and Indonesia. It effectively fights against polluting gases in your interior, in particular against volatile organic waste and Methanal, an organic compound that is found in particular in automobile emissions and tobacco smoke. > More info on: (a presentation of depolluting plants by Kamal Meattle)