Make a custom bathroom cabinet

Make a custom bathroom cabinet

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  1. The easiest way: make a vanity top
  2. The most original: revamp a piece of furniture, for a unique bathroom decor
  3. The most DIYer: create a built-in washbasin cabinet
  4. Bonus: the column, saving space in a small bathroom

1. The simplest: to make a basin

For a custom bathroom furniture, the easiest and quickest option is to make a plan, with a basin to put on it. This plan can be a simple wooden tray, cut according to the space available. Then just take the measurements, fix the plan to the wall - possibly adding a central leg to support it - and install the sink on it. Besides, I explain how to do it in a few lines! The vanity top can be made from other materials, such as stone, plasterboard or concrete. Built in masonry, it is no longer a bathroom furniture properly speaking ... But finds its place perfectly in a minimalist decor.

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2. The most original: revamp a piece of furniture, for a unique bathroom decor

To equip your bathroom, another simple and economical option is to divert an object to make a basin unit. This solution is ideal for DIYers who are not necessarily very experienced, who still want to bring a touch of originality to their bathroom. On a desk, table or any other flat surface (console, dressing table, row…) washbasin on a worktop is quick and easy. You will need a tap (or mixer), a siphon set and putty. Equipment level, provide a drill, a jigsaw, a flat screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a hammer, a small chisel and a putty gun. Remember to check with a level that the surface on which you place the basin is flat. Using the template provided with the basin, trace the cutout of the hole on the back of the worktop. Beware of any drawers or amounts of furniture that could prevent the sink from becoming embedded. In a corner, drill a 2 cm hole inside the layout, using a suitable drill. Its diameter must be sufficient to then slide the blade of a jigsaw into it. With it, cut the work plan according to the outline that you traced. Then, mount the accessories on the faucet according to the instructions, and position it on the basin, then mount the drain system that you connect to the faucet pull. Once the assembly is mounted on the basin, you just have to put it on the worktop. Make a bead with silicone sealant, position the bowl and press hard, so that the bead of sealant applies perfectly. Let dry and then make a finishing joint, for a perfect seal. To smooth it, dip your finger beforehand in liquid soap, so that the putty does not stick. The installation is finished! If your furniture is made of wood, apply a waterproof paint and / or an anti-humidity varnish to prevent it from being damaged. On a piece of furniture in good condition, you see that there is ultimately quite a bit of work. Older furniture will undoubtedly require a bit of sanding, a stroke of wood paste or paint ... But the realization remains easy. On the Internet, there is no shortage of decorative ideas to divert an object into bathroom furniture. An old sewing machine, a wine barrel, a workbench, a drinker or even a bicycle can accommodate a basin and find their place in the bathroom… To make all the salt in your decor. Once your furniture is finished, all you have to do is connect the siphon to the drainage network, limiting the use of elbows which impede the proper flow of water and increase the risk of leaks or plugs. Flexible connections are a good solution, but don't worry: most modern fittings include flexible pipes.

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3. The most DIYer: create a built-in washbasin cabinet

For a constrained space or a small bathroom, you don't always find what you are looking for in stores. If you are a handyman, why not start and make your own bathroom furniture? If there is already a sink and you want to keep it, you can make a piece of furniture under sink, with a place to let the faucets. It will save you storage space, while optimizing the space. Do you have more freedom? More modern than a single sink, a sink or vanity unit will replace it, while providing storage. To create it, know exactly how much space you have by carefully taking the measurements. It would be a shame if your creation does not fit into the space provided! Before drilling the holes for the taps, put the furniture in its location to know where the water will come in and out, and trace the contours in pencil, always on the back of the furniture.

© Marque de FabrikDrawers, cupboards, single or double sink ... It's up to you to see what your furniture will look like according to your needs! Think "uses": in addition to washing your hands and washing yourself, what would you like to be able to do with this piece of furniture? Make up / do your hair? Put away things? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start designing. To help you, there are many free 3D modeling software. You can also design online and download the plans for your future bathroom furniture, on Woodself for example. Obviously, this option will require a little more equipment and experience than the previous one. Count a big weekend of DIY to make a bathroom furniture from A to Z. This room is very humid, we will pay particular attention to the choice of material. Among those to avoid, let us quote the agglomerated plate, not very resistant to water. The MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood panel is preferable to it: it is made from finer particles, which makes it much more resistant than chipboard. Solid wood or natural wood is a good choice… Provided, of course, that you protect it well with at least two coats of varnish, stain or waterproof paint. But the game is worth the candle, because a wooden bathroom always has its small effect! And for a more "raw" decor, why not try the furniture on pallets?

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Bonus: the column, saving space in a small bathroom

If you need additional bathroom storage, opt for the column, which is easy to make, even on a small budget. Overhead storage is a great way to optimize space in a small bathroom. The open column is a tall piece of furniture, usually made up of four or five stacked shelves. It therefore has no door or window for easy access to your hygiene and beauty products. To make it, you can, for example, collect and stack crates of wine by fixing them to each other, or replace the steps of a stepladder by planks, which will then serve as shelves. Hijacking a library is another nice decor idea, provided of course that the wood is well protected. Note that the column can very well be a wall shelf: a hanging piece of furniture will offer you additional storage space, while freeing up floor space. If the closed column or cabinet is more complex to manufacture, you can fix a mirror on the door and therefore again, optimize the available space. And since we are talking about shelves, do not hesitate to invest the walls with decorative ideas that are both original and practical: * make a medicine cabinet from a wooden case that you decorate as you wish; * attach baskets (bicycle, wicker) or lockers to the wall to store your towels; * revamp drawers to make wall shelves ... In short, whatever your level of DIY, have fun!