5 bench styles that give character to your interior

5 bench styles that give character to your interior

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If you are interested in decorative trends, you are aware that the bench is all the rage in all the trendiest interiors. We gladly use it as a decorative accessory in an entry, as a footboard or as a place of relaxation in the living room. Anyway, the benches are infinite to meet the decor styles of each! Discover 5 styles of bench to give character to your interior…

1. The contemporary

The contemporary bench seat is simple and refined. She imposes her character but knows how to play it discreet. A wooden base, a fabric seat and a solid color… No more is needed to give a modern look to your room! Here, the bench sits supreme at the foot of the bed and offers great continuity by adorning itself with the same color as that of the sheets. The right idea? Add baskets below the bench to store bed linen!

2. The natural

All dressed in raw wood, the natural bench can be found in all authentic interiors. Choose an imposing size model to arrange around the dining table for a 'country house' effect. If you do not have much space, choose the miniature version to the image of this inspiration. Because although it is small, the bench does not lack style in this entry. In all cases, we like the combination of wood with other natural fibers such as the seagrass carpet, the rattan chair and pouffe or the woven lantern…

3. The cozy

Do you want a bench for cocooning? You must therefore bet on comfort! Opt for a wider bench seat than the previous ones in order to have enough space to settle in. But the secret to a cozy bench seat is the cushions! Install a mattress for the buttocks and accumulate the soft cushions for the backrest. Finally, you will see that your bench seat has nothing to envy to your sofa! Add an extra handy lamp, grab a good book, lie down and all we have to do is wish you a good relaxation!

4. The diva

With its deliciously rounded feet, its soft and padded seat and its soft and clear shades, this bench seems straight out of a Baroque decor. One thing is certain, it wants to be feminine and glamorous! This is why we imagine it perfectly for the development of a beauty corner. Close to a dressing table or a dressing area, this bench with a boudoir look makes us want to take care of yourself! All you have to do is install a bouquet of flowers to strengthen the poetic spirit…

5. The minimalist

To finish our selection of trendy benches, we set our sights on the minimalist version. We like its graphic base, its clean lines and its sobriety. But above all, we like the idea that with a simple bench, you can change the atmosphere of a room. In this immaculate room with shades of blue, the black base of the bench contrasts wonderfully with the rest. Without forgetting the reminder of the black base with that of the auxiliary lamp. Like what, it only takes a little to give depth to a room.