Deco box: revamp your interior in less than 2 hours

Deco box: revamp your interior in less than 2 hours

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Do you want to redecorate a room but you don't have time to run around the shops or the inspiration for a harmonious decor? The Deco box comes to your rescue. The concept is simple: the Deco box is a decor kit full of accessories to revamp your interior in less than 2 hours. The kit of 13 to 20 accessories allows you to change the decoration of a bedroom, a living room, an office, an entrance or even a studio. Each Deco box contains a pair of curtains, cushions, a plaid, a sticker, a table, a photo frame, a magazine rack, candles and candle holders and a 25 cL paint can. You can choose from 6 atmospheres: design & co, pop, bastide for women, zen attitude, oriental getaway or natural green. This express makeover does not require any work and makes it possible to create a harmonious decoration according to the chosen theme. The kit is delivered with a Step by Step notebook to assist you in setting up your new atmosphere. (Price between 189 euros and 349 euros depending on the atmosphere)> more info on


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