Glass decorations to hide from view

Glass decorations to hide from view

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Hide from outside eyes by dressing your windows with the new "Contrejour" electrostatic sails from the Cocobohème brand. Easy to use, they will allow you to see without being seen! Always borrowing poetry, the Cocobohème brand just launched a new collection of decorations for glass . Original and practical, the new electrostatic sails to be applied without glue, allow you to hide from outside eyes while decorating your interior. Repositionable and reusable, they can be adapted to all glass, plexi or mirror supports. So you can put your "Backlight" decor, on the kitchen windows, but also in the bathroom on the shower walls or simply on a transparent partition just for a decorative touch.

Its application is very simple,
just moisten the glass, set the scene by removing bubbles with a squeegee and everything is done! And according to your desires and your surface to hide, have fun with the different patterns. Large flowers or dragonflies on a transparent background, sanded or blackout glass, will add a touch of fantasy to your interior. Count 31.25 euros for the two boards of 47.5 by 66 cm.


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