The installation of simplified tiling

The installation of simplified tiling

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This is a new addition to the decoration market that will make our lives easier. After the parquet which clips, here is the tiling which is installed in one click. Explanation from Hervé Onfray, Director of the Bathroom Market at Lapeyre la maison.

Where did the idea for the Lapeyre click tile come from?

Consumer studies conducted with individuals (a study on women and decoration, and a study on DIY enthusiasts) have shown that the three main obstacles to buying tiles are: the cold side of the product (especially cold underfoot) ), the complexity of installing the product and the difficulty in finding a professional to install the product. The idea to get around these brakes was to simplify the laying of the tiles, to make the tiles accessible to anyone, even non-DIYers. On the Clip-on parquet model, Lapeyre Click tile was developed in partnership with an Italian tile specialist, "La Faenza", who developed this tile glued on a frame, which allows it to be clipped like a Lego. Anyone can install it, you don't need a professional, and the time and cost of the installation are drastically reduced!

What is the interest for the consumer?

Above all Design: customers buy a tile for aesthetics and Lapeyre Click Tile offers two very contemporary finishes: wood and metal effect that are a hit! Easy installation (no glue, no seal) and quick installation, without soiling and without drying time: usable immediately after installation. In addition, the frame constitutes a sound insulator (-18db). Finally, the product is economical: € 69 per m2, compared to € 80 to € 90 per m2 for fitting a similar product with glue and joint. And you can reuse it in case of disassembly.

Is it suitable for any room in the house?

The product is suitable for all rooms in the house. We recommend it especially in rooms like the entrance and the living room (large tedious surfaces to be tiled). It can also be put in rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom. In water rooms, as with normal tiles to be bonded, a waterproofing underlay must be provided, even if the joints of click tiles allow it to be washed like normal tiles.

Do you have other innovative tiling projects?

Regarding the next tile innovations, we are working on very thin wall tiles for renovation (3mm and as resistant as normal tiles). We are also working to remove the cold side of the product with materials that are less cold to the touch. > Learn more

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