Chikuno Cube, an air purifier

Chikuno Cube, an air purifier

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The "Chikuno Cube" from Chikuno Life , a Japanese company specializing in the use of bamboo, is made with bamboo charcoal and sold for 20 euros. Perfectly biodegradable, thanks to its innumerable cells, the small air purifier has several functions: Deodorant : It absorbs unwanted odors. In the refrigerator, it absorbs and removes gases (ethylene, ammonia, etc.) to improve the preservation of fruits and vegetables. detoxification : It prevents sick housing syndrome because it absorbs toxic substances by cleaning the room. Humidity control : It controls the humidity level. If the environment is too humid, the cube absorbs moisture, if on the contrary it is too dry, it releases it to maintain an ideal level of humidification. > more info on www.chikunolife.com


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