How to choose your dishes everyday?

How to choose your dishes everyday?

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Whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family, everyday dishes must be able to adapt to your lifestyle. Plates, cutlery, glasses, dishes ... The material of your dishes is determined according to your needs. As for the decorative style, fantasies are possible provided you have a sober base. Find out more with all our tips for choosing everyday dishes…

Define the right material

In tableware, plates play a decisive role. This makes it easier to start with the plates, which can then determine the choice of glasses, cutlery and other table accessories. In any case, you need to determine the material that best suits your lifestyle to choose dishes that are as practical as they are aesthetic. Among the flagship materials, there are the dishes: * stoneware: authentic and rustic, the stoneware tableware is very resistant and easily withstands impacts and passages in the dishwasher. Note that ceramic dishes are heavier than average. * earthenware: the earthenware tableware offers magnificent finishes and a large choice of colors. That said, it is porous and easily scratched! Forget the dishwasher or the microwave! * porcelain: delicately, porcelain sublimates any table service it dresses. Which explains its sometimes expensive cost. It can be durable but does not resist big shocks. * glass: this is the most common material when talking about dishes. The glass is not lacking. Not only does it allow a wide choice of colors, but it is also often treated to resist impact. All for a cheap price. However, the glass is quite noisy. Sensitive ears refrain! * in vegetable fibers: bamboo, sugar cane, wood… dishes in vegetable fiber are, of course, the most ecological! We love its authentic and natural appearance which always creates a sensation on a table! * Acrylic: Acrylic tableware is available in many patterns and colors. Resistant and economical, it is a privileged material when you have children.

Which decorative style to choose?

You understood, the material determines the type of tableware that best suits your lifestyle. But the decorative style also has its importance. Favor a timeless service for daily use. Enough to ensure sustainable use without getting bored. For the touch of madness, treat yourself with a few colorful pieces that you can combine with your more sober service during your receptions. If the round shape of the plates remains a classic, dare the more atypical shapes for extra dishes! Because there is nothing like a nicely set table, the dishes must catch the eye to arouse appetite. In this sense, do not hesitate to mix styles and materials for a most successful mix and match! Because, let's be honest, the overly strict and coordinated table services are a bit out of fashion ... So, whether it's plates, glasses or dishes, play on contrasts with the mismatched!