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Imitation of an old worn whitewash

The ideal is to apply three coats of paint of different colors. After drying the first layer, brush lightly with a wire brush, dust and pass the second layer three to four days later, having taken care to slightly moisten the wall. Repeat the operation with the other two shades, which will allow you to reveal the layers below.


Allow 10 liters of whitewash for approximately 9 m2. You can easily store your whitewash in an airtight container. Be aware that the whitewash brightens strongly when drying and that there is a strengthening of the colors kept for a long time, due to the ripening of the dyes. Always experiment, a piece of Siporex or a very porous support is perfect. You can also speed up drying with a hair dryer. The easiest way to prejudge the final shade is to mix the pigment (s) in a minimum amount of water. This color, before adding the whitewash, will be close to that of your wall. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006