And in Sweden, how is it going?

And in Sweden, how is it going?

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I know some of them and one more precisely (see page 842 of the book "Merci pour le chocolat" by Shalima) who would go so far as to hang themselves with their clothesline so as not to have to live a day without their dryer under pretext that they have three children and that in France it is impossible to dry their laundry given the current climatic conditions. How then not to show solidarity with Umea's Swedish housewife, let's call her Mrs. Ida Svensson, who must live this drama about 365 days a year since in August the temperature is around -12 ° C in January? Poor Madame Svensson! Besides, she can't even take her boat!

On the other hand, Mrs. Ida Svensson is already tall, blonde and Swedish, she can bite a bit to dry her clothes! However, I have come to the reflection that Madame Ida Svensson must necessarily know a radius on the dryer side since without this device she would have to put her clothes on at the crowbar. Besides, the Swedes have come to the same reflection: "Hey guys * glaglagla *, don't you find that we know a department in a tumble dryer? Doesn't that tell you to get your hands on the European market for After the blow on fashion and furniture, they're ready to buy us anything! ". Han! I suddenly realize! The Swedish wants to invade us again, viking chic version: after fashion and furniture, he attacks the dryer market. But where will it stop? You should know that in Sweden, fashion is in the drying cabinet. A wardrobe that looks like a fridge and allows you to dry your laundry from the washing machine, but also to dry outdoor clothes when you come back from work, a walk in the forest or a day of skiing. The Swedish company Podab has decided to market a new model in France for individuals.

There is also a black version. The company assures us that with its all-purpose look, you can integrate this dryer wherever you want in your home. Between two Ikea cabinets for example! Its capacity is 4 kg and its drying time is around 100 min at 60 ° C. Available from October 2008, it will be sold at a price of € 995.