Mom's interview: Poulette Magique

Mom's interview: Poulette Magique

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After our great interview with Eve from the Mini Reyve blog, it's Cécile - alias Poulette Magique we love - to respond to our interview with mom. Cécile has been blogging at the end of 2009 on Poulette Magique where we discover her world through her kids, decor and DIY tickets. A collector mom who shows us her world of hers in photos and good humor! For you, what is the coolest Mother's Day gift you could receive this year (or next year if it takes time)? I would love to have a photo album / souvenir book handmade by my daughter. We started one this year, it's the kind of gift that takes time but we keep a lifetime because it's full of memories.

A notebook in which we keep lots of little everyday things - and nice polaroid photos The worst gift we can give you, however? Clothes. It may seem odd but I'm quite difficult in terms of dress, I love thrift stores, vintage dresses and suddenly when I am offered clothes I always have a certain apprehension! DIY level of children, and we know their abilities in this area, what is the WORST they could offer you (even if it comes from their little heart full of hope)? An imposing gift, very imposing. As I have a busy house, I will not know where to put it and I will have to make it disappear in a space-time corridor, a bit like the IMMENSE wooden stick that I had last year. And the best? (the coolest / practical / beautiful kid's DIY)? I love DIY for children in colored sand, I find it too cute and depending on the container the rendering can be super cool.

We are such a fan of this DIY kawai flowerpot offered by Cécile! What would you recommend to the teacher for this year's Mother's Day DIY? That's good because my boyfriend is a teacher and we thought together about a project for his students (he has little ones from 2 to 4 years old). We thought of making a packaging to put around a chocolate wafer to customize (so that we are sure it will please moms!) And I will make a packaging template with blank spaces for children to draw on it . If I have time I will also upload it to my blog! You are a mom, you must have had some Mother's Day gifts created for the occasion… Which was better? My daughter is going to be 5 years old, so this year it will be my second Mother's Day gift and the first one was particularly "special". Suddenly the attentions of my daughter whom I adore are when she offers me bouquets of flowers picked up in the garden! And the worst ? Without hesitation the wooden stick or rather the branch offered last year. Ah and as a bonus there were transparent balls filled with cottons. I think the teacher tried a rather… conceptual gift, or else she had no idea and took the opportunity to clean up her garden by recycling the branches! And what did you do with it? Do they sit well in the living room or "oops, it broke"? I applied the concept of spatio-temporal fault and strangely I have no scruples ... And you, moreover, do you have any memories of the DIY that you gave your mom when you were little? Yes I remember making him pictures in colored sand (with a glue that smelled so strongly that I still have the marked smell in my memory), I also remember having sewn a door sock in the shape of a dog and gift made from pie chart box. In the end some DIY that we see now are just a reinterpretation of the tutorials that we made as children, they are just brought up to date, the techniques they do not change but adapt to our generation.

Cécile is a collector: we can see a very small part of her collection of vintage cameras Deco level and / or organization of family daily life, what is the best advice you could have received from your mom? My mom never gave me too much advice on decorating or how I should organize myself with my family. We get along very well but we have a very different vision of decoration and I am much more disorderly than her. On the other hand, she always trusted me in my choices, whether for my work, the education of my daughter, my way of living, I know that she will be there for me. So I would say that his best advice is just to always be there for me, to listen to me groan, to congratulate me, to support me, to direct me but always without imposing myself. A message for her? Thanks for always being there. Love you. To find Poulette Magique: - Her blog: - Her instagram: