Do-it-yourself organic weedkiller recipes

Do-it-yourself organic weedkiller recipes

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What are the characteristics of an organic weedkiller?

An organic weedkiller must respect the environment while being able to eliminate wild or weed weeds which are often wrongly called weeds. It can be an organic weedkiller product that we buy in garden centers. But more and more garden lovers want to prepare their own organic weedkillers. This is what I have been doing myself for a few years: it is simple and fun, especially when sharing this activity with children.

Is the vinegar weedkiller organic?

White vinegar is considered to be the magic product at home and in the garden. Its herbicidal power is quite impressive. It does not pollute the environment, has no negative impact on groundwater or rivers. It is biodegradable and poses no risk of toxicity to humans or domestic animals. And then it costs almost nothing, which is another advantage. Only, although it is of natural origin, a white vinegar weedkiller could not be marketed as an organic product for the garden because the acetic acid which it contains is not yet registered on the list of authorized products. in organic farming. And on this point, the legislation is strict! But you can make your vinegar weedkiller yourself. To weed 40 m² you need 1.20 liters of pure white vinegar to spray. Be careful not to pour it on the plants to be stored as they will suffer severely.

Is it better to favor salt water for cooking potatoes, rice or pasta?

Weeding organic with salted cooking water is a practical solution for a very small space where moss and some weeds tend to settle. Poured hot on these undesirable, the weedkiller with cooking water will take effect very quickly. But the salt it contains can destroy microorganisms buried in the soil. So you really shouldn't abuse it.

Are manure good organic weed killers?

For the manure to be considered organic, the plants from which it comes must be organic. It's up to you to grow angelica or nettle without herbicide, without chemical fertilizer and then make it an organic angelica manure or an organic nettle manure. For the first, macerate 500 g of angelica in 5 liters of water for ten days, and for the second the proportions are the same but allow a maceration time of four days at most. These do-it-yourself weed slurries are economical, active and environmentally friendly.

Finally the biological weeding method by solarization is perhaps the best?

For me, this is one of the best homemade solutions for naturally weeding your garden. Solarization consists of covering the invaded area with wild grass with an opaque tarpaulin to isolate it from light, air and heat. In a few weeks, the weakening of the herbs intensifies until their destruction. This method of weeding by solarization is economical and extremely simple to perform. We can really speak of organic weeding. It is not necessary to buy a tarp for this since old rugs can do the trick. Many amateur gardeners prefer this organic weed control method rather than do-it-yourself herbicides. It must be recognized that solarization is encouraging when it comes to weeding a large area of ​​land before planting. While spraying organic weed killers is tedious especially if the surface to be treated is large.