5 ideas to easily decorate your Easter table

5 ideas to easily decorate your Easter table

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Like every year, you like to get together as a family for Easter. To mark the occasion, you want to create a pretty table decoration. However, you do not want to take the lead and spend all your savings! That's good, we give you our best inspirations to easily decorate your Easter table ... All you have to do is draw!

1. Painted chicken eggs

Symbols of Easter par excellence, eggs can be used in many ways to decorate your table. We love the idea of ​​painting them with pretty patterns of all kinds. Prefer soft and pastel colors for a poetic atmosphere, opt for a gold, silver or black effect paint for an elegant Easter table. And for a more jovial and childlike atmosphere, turn to more dapper colors and more fun patterns! And to make them hold and create a pretty presentation, you can use egg cups or even a customized egg box with a few branches and seasonal flowers.

2. A rabbit shaped towel folding

Another emblematic figure of Easter: the rabbit! It is he who, according to tradition, distributes the Easter eggs the day before in the morning. Suffice to say, that it has its place to decorate its Easter table. Here, the napkins are inspired by this adorable animal to reproduce its shape. The good news ? This napkin folding takes only a few minutes and is enough to give a festive look to your Easter table. To help you, (re) discover our step-by-step how to fold a rabbit-shaped towel!

3. An Easter wreath

Who says Easter, says arrival of Spring! In this season, the flowers start to bloom and nature is more and more generous. Why not take the opportunity to create a pretty vegetable Easter wreath? Choose your favorite plants, fresh and / or dried flowers and you're ready to go with a new country-style centerpiece! The decorating idea to copy: insert Easter eggs, chicks and other animal figurines, ribbons or even sewing buttons for the atypical touch!

4. Animal figurines

As you can see, animals have a symbolic place in the representation of Easter. To invite them to your table, here is a decorative tip that is as easy as it is economical! You just need to cut out the shape of the animals of your choice (rabbit, hen, chick, sheep ...) in felt. Put the figurines on each plate for maximum effect! In the same way, you can create a garland by piercing each figurine and connecting them to each other. A wall decoration that you can imagine on the front door, in a child's room or in the living room…

5. Flower pots with eggs

We finish with a decorative idea, it couldn't be easier. The idea is to use empty eggshells to make miniature flower pots. Whether you use soil or moss to plant your flowers, consider adding a place card (created using a toothpick, for example). Arrange a flowerpot per cutlery, take care of the presentation of the napkins and you are with a well decorated Easter table!