6 trendy brass objects

6 trendy brass objects

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Very popular in the 70s, brass resurfaces in our interiors. Composed of copper and zinc, it is nicknamed yellow copper or Florentine bronze. With its brilliant reflections, it elegantly reflects all the light that is offered to it. But if we love him so much, it's because he knows how to adapt to all decorative styles. Sometimes golden, it does honor to the Art Deco style, sometimes copper, it is the final touch of a vintage interior. Discover our best inspirations to adopt it at home…

1. A suspension

Material could not be more luminous and radiant, brass caused a sensation on the lamps. It must be said, its brilliant reflections offer a magic play of light where modernism and old merge. Because although it is a bit vintage, brass is also used in the most contemporary interiors. Anyway, brass reigns supreme in the living room when it dresses a pendant lamp ...

2. A mirror

Another key piece of brass decoration: the mirror. A flagship piece of Art Deco style, the brass sun mirror has not said its last word. More than ever, it radiates interiors with character. You can install it as a centerpiece in the living room or mix it with other wall decorations for a gallery effect wall. Like this inspiration, brass goes wonderfully with warm and comforting hues like wine lees or old rose.

3. Pans

If brass plays modern and elegant when it is golden, it is more vintage when its reflections are coppery. In this authentic family kitchen, the brass pots set the tone. Suspended and visible to everyone, they catch the eye and immerse us in our childhood memories. Because what could be better than an old brass pan to take a trip to the past? You could almost smell the scent of good grandma's dishes…

4. Flower pots

Brass attracts you but you do not know how to adopt it without a false note? Start by using it in small touches. On flower pots for example, brass knows how to be discreet and refined. Vary the size of the pots as well as the nuances of brass for a most successful mix and match. And once adopted in miniature version, you can take the next step and offer brass a special place in your interior.

5. Handles

The final touch to a well-appointed kitchen, the cupboard handles speak volumes about the style of the room. Combined with wood, the brass door handles will add sparkle to your kitchen. With marble, brass highlights the delicacy of this noble material. The good decor idea: for an even more harmonious result, consider combining the brass door handles with the kitchen taps!

6. A terrarium

When we fall for brass, all means are good to invite it into our interior. Ultra trendy in recent seasons, the terrarium also has the right to its share of brass. We love these mini gardens when they are designed in graphic and geometric terrariums. And if you don't have a green thumb, nothing prevents you from using your brass terrarium to install a light garland…