8 wall sticker ideas to change the decor without spending too much!

8 wall sticker ideas to change the decor without spending too much!

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Idea n ° 1: the message wall sticker

As soon as your guests enter your living room, do you want to let them know that they are welcome? Say it with a message sticker that will do the job for you! Today there are message stickers in all themes: love, humor, with recipes (for cooking), spirituality… the choice is yours!

Idea n ° 2: colorful and graphic wall stickers

Wall stickers also like to do in graphic style; so if you want to nicely decorate the wall of a bedroom and you are not sure which sticker model to choose, do it geometrically with round and colorful stickers that will bring pep's to the room!

Idea n ° 3: animal stickers for a child's room

Your little one loves farm animals and you want to please him? Bring him a flock of cute sheep who will keep him company in his room! For a very soft decoration, and easy to carry out.

Idea n ° 4: the wall sticker for the office

The office is a room that is never super obvious to decorate: on the one hand, we would like to give it a little cool side, but while remaining serious ... This is where the wall sticker in serious mode s 'imposes: it gives a nice decorative touch to the room, while staying on soft.

Idea n ° 5: the wall sticker to replace the wallpaper

Often, wall stickers are made to decorate just part of the wall and therefore the room in which they are located. But you can choose mini-stickers (here, in the shape of a cross) and decorate a whole wall with it in the room of your choice. The sticker will then become a real wallpaper ... but much less complicated to install and remove!

Idea n ° 6: the sticker for music fans

The good thing about wall stickers is that in addition to being easy to apply, they create a well-marked decor in two stages, three movements. Here for example, the wall sticker "music score" is judiciously associated with a vinyl hanging on the wall: two decorative elements only certainly, but enough to establish the atmosphere of the room!

Idea n ° 7: the wall sticker to create a decor

Another very interesting thing with the wall stickers: the possibility of staging them with the decoration and the furniture of a room. Here for example, the "mountains" stickers are placed slightly in height and just behind the bed, transforming the bedroom in a 100% graphic black and white landscape!

Idea n ° 8: white stickers on a black background

It must be admitted: in 90% of cases, the wall stickers are colored stickers that are placed on a white background. This is why to change a little, do not hesitate to paint a wall at home in black, and to place white XXL stickers or in very soft colors. The contrast will be perfect!