Our ideas for making an original indoor green wall

Our ideas for making an original indoor green wall

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Nothing like a green wall to give life to a room. Yes, but the design of such a work is not easy. Not only can it quickly be expensive, but you also need to know how to maintain it properly. Never mind, there are other decorative alternatives to imagine and improvise an atypical plant wall! The proof in pictures…

1. On shelves

It is the easiest solution to improvise a green wall in two stages three movements. Display your most beautiful and succulent plants on shelves while varying the shapes and sizes of the pots for a most successful result.

2. With a screen

Rather than creating a mural plant scene, we like the idea of ​​using a screen to hang plants on it. Not only does it change from the ordinary, but in addition, you can move your green wall wherever you want…

3. On a library

In the same way as shelves, a bookcase can be used as a plant support. Arrange your plants on each floor and let nature soak up the places ... The advantage of a house creation? You can change plants when you want!

4. A herbarium-style plant wall

A great plant trend, herbarium-style frames are free from codes and have nothing to envy to real plants. So why not use them to create a semblance of a green wall? Remember that the more frames there are, the more the effect will be striking!

5. With pots

Do you dream of having a green wall but you don't know how to do it? This decorative tip should please you! Just attach flower pots to the walls to create an aerial plant scene. We like the half-pots which give an atypical look to the creation.

6. An atypical headboard

Here is an original plant wall to perfection! Here, a wooden structure, on which ends of rope are stretched, accommodates climbing plants like ivy. A creation with a weaving loom look, which attracts all eyes and which can easily be imagined as the headboard of a bedroom or a simple decoration in a living room!

7. Swing version

The green wall has fun and becomes fun when it becomes a play area. Like a swing, wooden shelves follow one another and hang using ropes. On the wooden boards, small holes were drilled in order to install the succulent pots. We don't know you, but we are a fan of the result!

8. On a wooden pallet

Ah, the essential wooden palette! We always find it a new utility. Attached to the wall, the wooden pallet can act as a support for a 100% recycled plant wall. By fixing it horizontally, you just have to put your plants down! And for food lovers, you can also use it for your aromatic herbs!