8 lights for a well-lit garden

8 lights for a well-lit garden

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Solar bollards, outdoor wall lights, built-in spotlights… There are a multitude of lights to light up your garden. The editorial staff has made its selection: here are 8 garden lamps, for mood or functional lighting, but always decorative!

Outdoor solar bollard, € 9.49 *, Hesperide

Brighten up all your evenings with this stainless steel bollard, to stick into your garden soil. This outdoor light runs on solar energy and therefore charges during the day, to automatically light you up at night.

SOLAR chrome outdoor wall light with LED, € 34.90 *, Best Season

Waterproof and equipped with a twilight detector, this outdoor LED wall lamp runs on solar energy. Adorned with chromed metal, its elegant appearance will be of the most beautiful effect around the house.

© moonrise -

Newport red outdoor wall light, € 72.65 *, Faro

Break the codes and display the beautiful colors of your home with this all red outdoor wall lamp. Industrial style, this metal lamp imagined by Spanish designers will find its place near the front door or on the perimeter walls of the garden.

© borzywoj -

Anthracite gray outdoor wall light in brushed aluminum, 88 € *, Faro

Ultra chic, this anthracite gray outdoor lighting diffuses a vertical light for a very contemporary effect. Ideal for framing the portal, this wall lamp will be the most beautiful effect in duet.

TARRACO outdoor terminal, € 54.41 *, Faro

Made of cast aluminum, this designer outdoor bollard will set the tone for your garden: here, we love contemporary decor and the elegance of sobriety! The neighbors are going to be jealous…!

Designer outdoor bollard in aluminum, € 54.07 *, Faro

27 cm high, this outdoor aluminum bollard brings a touch of design to the garden. Discreet, it creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. Install it at the feet of your most beautiful plants to illuminate them when the day disappears.

Black outdoor stake, € 41.99 *, Paris Price

Designed for outdoors, this black spot pricks itself directly into the soil of your garden to orient its beams as you see fit. This functional lighting allows in particular to brightly illuminate a terrace or a driveway.

© Vtvonen

Round recessed outdoor spotlight in stainless steel, € 44.90 *, Eglo

Recessed on the floor or on a wall, this stainless steel outdoor spotlight is very easy to install. In particular, it will allow you to mark an outdoor path or a parking area. Waterproof, it will also provide you with powerful lighting for several summers. Find all of our garden lights here. (*) Prices noted on the site on 03/27/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.


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