I want orange flowers on my balcony

I want orange flowers on my balcony

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In decoration as in the garden, the orange color is associated with good humor, vitality and friendliness. Bright and energizing, it brings energy to the balcony all year round. Alone or combined with yellow and white flowers, the orange flowers immediately enhance the compositions and create a warm atmosphere. Our selection for a vitaminized balcony!

What plants to grow to have orange flowers on my balcony in spring?

At the first beautiful days, the orange flowers raise morale like a shot of vitamin C. Like so many incandescent little suns in their window boxes, they catch the eye and illuminate the balcony whatever the color of the sky. They blend with yellow, white and red flowers, but it is better to avoid planting them alongside pink, blue or mauve varieties to avoid a cacophonic effect! * Anthemis * Spring crocus * Eschscholzias * Freesias * Iris (some orange varieties) * Lantanas * Snapdragons * Narcissus * Petunias * Primroses * Buttercups * Roses * Black eyed Suzanne * Tulips

The dynamic "Princess" orange tulips!

Orange flowers in summer on my balcony

On the balcony, the orange flowers burst with a thousand lights during the summer. Their vibrant color is so radiant that you sometimes even have to tone it down with dark green branches and yellow flowers. But nothing prevents you from opting for 100% orange planters and pots by mixing poppies, cosmos, dahlias, zinnias and gazanias! * Amarantes * Milkweeds * Nighttime beauties * Begonias * Bidens * Bignones * Bougainvilleas * Nasturtiums * Calibrachoas * Celosias * Cosmos * Dahlias * Eschscholzias * Gazanias * Gerberas * Hibiscus * Lantanas * Poppies * Roses * Hollyhock * Black-eyed Suzanne * Zinnias

Gazanias, real little suns!

Orange flowers on my balcony in autumn

In autumn, the whole of nature is adorned with orange hues to make us forget that the heat of the sun is leaving us. While parks and forests put on their golden autumn clothes, the balcony is more resplendent than ever thanks to the chrysanthemums, asters, begonias and lantanas. * Autumn crocuses * Chrysanthemums * Pansies * Asters * Agastaches * Begonias * Suzanne with black eyes * Lantanas

We almost forget that the days are getting shorter!

Winter orange flowers

In winter, the orange flowers let the fruits take over. Only the thoughts continue to energize the balcony, but on the veranda, the orange, mandarin, calamondins and kumquats are covered with beautiful vitamin fruits. Inside, amaryllis and orchids allow you to wait while the first orange tulips bloom!

Thoughts to forget the harshness of winter