How to enhance a brick wall?

How to enhance a brick wall?

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Do you have an original brick wall? How lucky you are! Because whatever decorative style you attribute to it, the brick wall is always a sensation! With its relief and its imperfections, it imposes its character and attracts all eyes. We give you all our decorative advice to enhance your brick wall ...

1. Play on contrasts

With its raw formwork appearance, brick is the delight of all lovers of industrial style. And most of the time, it is omnipresent in lofts. It must be said, there is nothing like it to give cachet and perspective to a room. But to avoid touching the overdose, we like to use it in small touches, on a section of wall for example. The other walls can be painted in different colors to play on contrasts. Like this interior with an industrial look, the brick wall coexists with a black wall and a waxed concrete effect wall. Are you more Scandinavian, bohemian or country house? Bring out your brick wall with neighboring walls in soft and natural tones!

2. Paint the brick wall

Do you have a red brick wall and don't like its raw and flashy appearance? How about painting it to suit your interior style? Painted in white, the bricks bring a new dimension to your room and play it bright and cocooning. What fit perfectly into an interior country house spirit. Add wood and natural fiber furniture and voila! Scandinavian or bohemian interiors can paint their brick wall in pastel colors. As this room with poetic and romantic decoration shows, in which the brick walls evoke the towers of fairytale castles! As you can see, the brick wall is painted and available at will for all interior styles!

3. Bet on the wall decoration

Once you have decided on the color of your brick wall, all you have to do is decorate it to enhance it. And there is no shortage of solutions… You can choose to hang a large mirror to give depth to the room or imagine a gallery wall by collecting wall decorations (frames, posters, trophies…)! Industrial style enthusiasts can create a street art effect by combining pop posters, old advertisements, metallic plaques ... The more adventurous can even use their brick wall to install their bike! As for nature lovers, you can take inspiration from the plant wall to hang many climbing plants and invite Mother Nature into your interior…

4. Highlight

To enhance a brick wall, nothing like a light setting. Especially when you know that the brick wall (especially when it is red) tends to darken a room! Not only does the lighting give relief to the bricks, but it also brings friendliness and warmth. Use a light garland and hang it on different levels (like this inspiration) to create a ginguette-like decor! For more contemporary interiors, simple spotlights may suffice. As for lofts, floor lamps like projectors or architect lamps with wall mounting are ideal for bringing light and character to the brick wall.