Making your multi-purpose degreaser and cleaner: step by step

Making your multi-purpose degreaser and cleaner: step by step

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Do our grandmothers' recipes really work wonders when it comes to scrubbing the house from top to bottom? Can we trade our cleaning products for much healthier DIY formulas? At the editorial office we rolled up our sleeves and tested the effectiveness of a multi-purpose cleaner, extracted from the book A very clean house is smart *. Will it live up to our ecological expectations? Answer in pictures!

The ingredients for a multi-purpose cleaner

- Ash - Water - Two containers (buckets, Tupperware, bowls, salad bowls, etc.) - 1 colander - 1 fine mesh cloth - 1 teaspoon of essential oils

Make an ash detergent This recipe takes place in two main stages. The first is to make an ash lye. Yes, yes, you heard correctly, the ash lye was well known to our grandmothers. Completely free and ecological, it is very effective in removing stains on white and color. By questioning those around you, you will certainly find someone who will be delighted to provide you with wood ashes while having the impression of doing a good deed (and also being very intrigued by your request). Do not burn crates or use the remains of your last barbecue, it does not work!

Sift the ash No rush to use your ash: start by sieving it to remove the large pieces. An operation which will facilitate your work thereafter.

Add the water Then add three doses of water for one dose of ash. Mix the whole well.

Please wait! Your strange mixture must then rest a minimum of one night. Thus, the potash contained in the ashes will dilute in the water. The next day, you will find that all the ashes have gone down and that there remains a slightly yellow and soapy water on the surface.

Filter water Take a cotton gauze cloth or a cheesecloth (embroiderers know for sure!) And place them on your colander to filter your ash water.

Pour water In another container, pour your filtered water. Be careful to avoid moving your fabric.

Watch the result This is what you will get! In your old container, remains a pile of wet ashes, lurking in the bottom. In the other, perfectly filtered ash water that you could use to do your laundry but which will be used here as the basis for the cleaning product.

Add water Transfer your laundry to a bottle and add a glass of water to complete the recipe.

Add essential oils Then add a teaspoon of essential oils. We opted for lemon essential oil, known for its disinfecting properties, but treat yourself!

Shake before use Now, your multi-purpose degreaser and cleaner is ready! Test it in your kitchen as in your bathroom by shaking it before each use. For our part, we are won over by this product, ultra natural and ecological, yet very effective!

*A very clean house is smart , by Julie Frédérique, Michel Droulhiole and Camille Anseaume, Leduc editions