Makeover garden furniture in 4 lessons

Makeover garden furniture in 4 lessons

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Trendy and brand new garden furniture without even having to change that of last year, it is possible. Here are the best ideas to get there.

Dress up the garden furniture with paint

The most common method of adding color to outdoor furniture is to do a little painting. First, we make sure that we have chosen a specialized pot for the furniture and above all, specialized to survive outside, to prevent the makeover from turning into a disaster. Then, we give back the lost (or never had) shine to outdoor furniture. As such, do not hesitate, either to choose the same color for all the furniture, or to choose two different ones to split the decorative effect.

Dress up garden furniture with stencils

The advantage of customizing chairs, armchairs and benches using stencils is that the process requires a minimum of work for a nice result. Need examples to believe it? No problem. Here, the trend called "number" (numbered), has something to give a new start, more stylish and more modern, to your old furniture. You just need stencils in the form of figures (to buy in supermarkets or to create yourself) and spray paint in the color that makes us want. Then we bomb numbers with two, three, four digits (depending on the size of the graphics sought), on our chairs, armchairs ... In a jiffy, they take a big blow of youth! It then remains to decline the idea according to the desired style to write words, write a letter, a pattern ...

Dress up the garden furniture with fabric

It's hard to believe, but a few strips of fabric can sometimes completely transform a garden furniture. If, if, take pretty scraps of fabric, plain or patterned, assorted or mismatched, and cut them into thin strips. Then wrap them around your furniture as if you were making a bracelet! You then have two possibilities: either you completely cover the backrest and the legs of the seats so as to camouflage their color or their worn look, or you limit yourself to a small touch of makeover: a pretty knot knotted on the top of each file, the right foot for a chair, the left of the next chair and so on (to mismatch everything).

Dress up the garden furniture with cushions!

In the same way that we cover a sofa with a sheet to hide its imperfections or its wear, we do not hesitate to dress garden lounge chair, Chilean chair, rocking chair and outdoor sofa using cushions. Small or large, plain or patterned, these textile accessories are indeed a simple and inexpensive tip to give a facelift to outdoor furniture. The idea? Choose a single style of cushions (romantic, graphic, quirky, flashy ...) for a harmonious rendering, and choose their format according to the furniture to customize. If it is a Chilean, we will prefer an elongated cushion style cushion with a lounger to tie, if it is a swing, we cover it with a multitude of cushions to reinforce the cozy aspect, if it is an armchair, we prefer a generous and strongly soft model. Whether in wood, PVC or wrought iron, find a whole range of garden chairs on our price comparison service!