A glass brick partition

A glass brick partition

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The step by step


On the floor and on one of the walls, trace the location of the partition and materialize the first row of bricks with a line parallel to 8 cm from the first.


Scratch the wall for good adhesion of the mortar.


With white mortar, pour a base about 4 cm thick and put in 2 twisted irons before smoothing the surface.


Lay your bricks always keeping the same spacing thanks to the braces.


Check the horizontality at the spirit level and fill the gaps between the bricks and between bricks and walls.


Replace a mortar bead, place the vertical bars between the bricks, then, on both sides, the horizontal bars.


Add formwork planks, while controlling the horizontality and verticality of the structure.


Repeat the process until the completion of your partition, being careful of any mortar drips, which you must remove immediately.


As soon as the mortar sets, remove the braces and above all equalize the joints. For this, use a joint iron. First work on the vertical joints.


Clean with a damp sponge and allow it to dry for at least two days, ventilating the room.

Good to know

Recently, there are new assembly systems, reliable, fast and aesthetic. The first consists in using a PVC which covers the mortar, thus reinforcing the appearance of the grid. The second, "Steckfix" by Saverbat, is a tinted or translucent silicone seal, which offers such finesse (3 to 4 mm thick) that it is practically invisible! To help you perfectly align the glass bricks, lay formwork boards on both sides of the first row of bricks and secure them with the clamps. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006