5 rules to follow to properly set up your living room

5 rules to follow to properly set up your living room

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We relax there, we work there, we watch TV and we receive friends there. The living room is THE living room par excellence, enough to make you want to organize it like a pro, whatever its size and constraints ... Apartment, studio, house, micro-living room or XXL living room? We take stock of the essential rules for successful layout of the show!

1. We start with the sofa

If it were necessary to designate a centerpiece in the living room, it would be him, without hesitation. Arranging your living room well means starting with determining the sofa position and what it faces: TV, fireplace, window? Contrary to popular belief, the sofa is not necessarily glued to a wall. On the contrary, even, it can serve to structure the space, to separate the rooms and to delimit the areas between living-room, dining room, corridor or even sleeping area in a studio. In all cases, to organize a living room, we always favor the sofa, even if it means limiting the number of pieces of furniture all around.

2. We adapt the layout to its use

In a living room, there is usually the sofa and the coffee table. For the rest, everything is possible! Some revolve around the TV, others around the fireplace, others still need a workspace or a play corner for children. In other words, for well furnish a living room, we define the spaces to be planned according to his lifestyle. The question to ask: what do we do in the living room ? Those who like to receive will need extra seats and a sofa bed, or even a bar or a dresser at hand. Those who work there should provide a small desk near an electrical outlet with a light source and a chair. If children are playing in the living room, storage for toys is ideal ... and with toddlers, well-fixed carpets and open spaces are compulsory!

3. We boost the brightness

If there is one room in which light is essential, it is the living room, which must take advantage of daylight for as long as possible and compensate for its disappearance in the evening. We couldn't have been sadder than a poorly lit living room! With some exceptions, we therefore place the sofa near a well oriented window to take advantage of its brightness. We expect a good decorative ceiling light or design floor lamp to light up the evening, supplemented by auxiliary lamps to warm the atmosphere, and bulbs with warm light rather than white. Does the room lack light? We choose light colors on the walls, we space the furniture and we think of mirrors! They enlarge the space and reflect the light, enough to give a good boost to an overly dark living room.

4. We choose our soil well

Since by definition, the living room is a place to live, it is better to avoid white carpet or fragile floors for a optimized layout. Tiling is generally preferred in hot regions, parquet for the cocooning atmosphere. Note that PVC floors today offer beautiful imitations at low prices, with different thermal or acoustic qualities as a bonus. In all cases, we choose a option washable and resistant to heavy traffic… By avoiding overly light shades which get dirty faster, especially with children, and overly marked trends which can age badly. In use, it is easier to change carpets than a complete floor!

5. We don't neglect the atmosphere

A well-appointed living room, it is also a living room in which it is good to live ... Clearly, a cozy atmosphere that resembles its inhabitants, and which goes through all the small accessories rather than the big furniture. The great readers swear by the books in the living room, the lovers of cocooning by the throws and the cushions, the fans of vintage by the mottled furniture, etc. Shall we summarize you? Adapt the layout and decoration to your tastes to draw a living space that suits you, by playing with colors, paintings, cushions, curtains or accent lamps, for example. Some travel souvenirs, potted plants, two or three photos and the living room comes to life!