Tutorial: make pretty vases with glass bottles for a wedding

Tutorial: make pretty vases with glass bottles for a wedding

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What if we created a tailor-made wedding decor with salvage? Ecological, economical and above all easy, recycling glass bottles is enough to make a magical and original decor for D-Day. With two options, please, to adapt to all styles of ceremonies! Shall we explain?


Glass bottles Scraps of fabric Twine or wool Scissors Glue, ideally a glue gun To cut the bottles: Methylated spirits string plastic gloves a lighter emery paper


1. Start by selecting the bottles that interest you. Transparent, colorful, more or less wide, more or less tall… Then decide on the format you will need. Most glass bottles have a narrow neck, perfect for a floral composition of a few branches. Does the soliflore effect correspond to the spirit of your wedding tables? Go to step 3. If you want vases for more generous bouquets, however, you will have to cut the bottles to eliminate the narrow part of the neck. Do not panic, the method is not so complicated!2. To cut the bottles, prepare a cup of methylated spirits, a plate and a large bowl of very cold water with ice cubes. Cut a length of string, about three times around the bottle. With gloves, dip the string in methylated spirits for a few minutes, then tie it on the bottle where you want to cut by going around several times. Tighten well. Ignite the string with the lighter above the plate. As soon as the string falls, plunge the bottle into the basin of cold water ... it will break clean! You just have to rub the edges with the emery paper to avoid cuts. 3. For a string vase, place a touch of glue on the edge of the recycled bottle. Attach the end of the chosen string or wool to it and then wrap it around the vase. Gradually unroll the ball by turning, and from time to time add a touch of glue to hold the string. Continue to the bottom, finish with a new point of glue then cut! Let dry before handling. 4. For a vase with fabric, cut a strip of fabric slightly longer than the circumference of the bottle to decorate. Choose a material that frayed little or nicely like linen, burlap, etc. Place a line of glue all around the future vase and glue the fabric on it, slightly overlapping the edges. Do the same with a ribbon or other narrower strip fabric over it. You can also simply tie a ribbon.5. Fill the vases of water or sand, slip in your floral arrangements and enjoy the wedding!